Newcastle Sun – 6 Jan 1921 – A Newcastle Company

The Y.Y. Aerated Water Co., Ltd., was registered on December 13 with a capital of £10,000 in £1 shares,  Objects. To acquire by agreement from Mary Ann Healey the business now carried on by her at Newcastle as a manufacturer of aerated waters and cordials under the style of Healey Bros., etc. First Directors: George Hyde, James George Cameron, Joseph Morris, David Amos, Frank Dexter and J. A. Richardson. The registered office of the company is in Newcastle.

Newcastle Sun – 28 Apr 1948 – Few Cordials Next Month

Cordials in Newcastle will be in very short supply next month. At present several factories are out of production and those remaining expect soon to follow suit due to the shortage of sugar. Secretary of Newcastle Retail Confectionery and Mixed Business Association (Mr. N.Scott) said that after this week cordials would be very hard to obtain. Production ceased at the two factories of N.S.W. Aerated Waters Pty. Ltd., and at Mullens Cordials Pty. Ltd. Last week, Manager of N.S.W. Aerated Waters Pty. Ltd. (Mr. W. R.Petherbridge) said some sugar had been obtained in Sydney and he hoped to resume production tomorrow. Production would only be about 25 per cent, of normal and unless more sugar was obtained from Brisbane even this could not be maintained. Mr. A. F. Moore hopes to maintain full production at his Darby-st. factory for a few weeks. YY Aerated Water Co. Ltd.has only enough sugar on hand to maintain present production for a few days. No refined sugar is expected to be available from the C.S.R., Sydney, for another month.

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette – 16 Aug 1988

Companies (New South Wales) Code In the matter of Y.Y. AERATED WATER CO. LIMITED (IN LIQUIDATION)

Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of members of the abovenamed company held on 27 July 1988 it was resolved that the company be wound up voluntarily. Malcolm Louden McDonald was appointed liquidator for the purpose of winding up the company’s affairs and distributing the assets of the company.Notice is also given that after twenty one days from this date, the liquidator will proceed to distribute the assets. All creditors having any claims against the company should furnish particulars of their claims by the date, otherwise the assets will be distributed without regard to their claims.Dated this 27th day of July 1988.M. L. MCDONALDLiquidatorN.N. 8857247

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