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  1. carolduncan

    From Bruce Brown on Lost Newcastle: In the 50s that spot was known as “The Seats”. Father Smyth from Sandgate/Shortland catholic church used to pull a few beers in the Lemongrove public bar on Saturday mornings and write his “special” for the races up on the blackboard. He had a big following.

  2. carolduncan

    From Louise Oakley on Lost Newcastle: The pub on the left hand side is the Lemongrove and still there. My dad used to sit me on the bar when I was a toddler and give me red cordial and then get into trouble from mum when we got home.

  3. carolduncan

    From Helen Owens on Lost Newcastle: It was a fruit & veg shop on that corner…..Woolworths were there later! As a child, I remember having to go that fruit & veg shop for my Mum…..I can picture some of the women who worked there….was owned by a family….would remember the name if I heard it but it was something like ‘Hannans’ or ‘Hanrahans’??

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