Friday, May 29

Henry Martin – Victoria Lifeboat crew member

Henry Martin - Victoria Lifeboat crew

From Lost Newcastle member, Robyn Jeffries:

Pleased to be able to share – my great great grandfather Henry Martin, far right, holding the boat.

This is taken in the water around the Pilot Station where he worked as crew of the “Victoria” Lifeboat. (Olive Hoggan’s (also her gr.g/father) photo.)

Henry Martin d.1899, No 2, Pilots Row, Newcastle, now called the Boatmens Cottages on Nobbys Rd. opposite Fort Scratchley. The 1st rescue while working on the “Victoria”, we have record of, is the “City of Newcastle”.

The little boy in the photo is Charles Henry Martin, son of Henry Martin, so dates the photo to approximately 1880.


  • Silver Screen

    Great photo, however it isn’t the pilot station it was a small harbour further down wharf road which has long been filed in, access to the harbour was under the bridge that can been seen in the photo. The Pilot Station Harbour is similar but the differences are prominent especially the bridge, this harbour is mentioned in one of Dr. John Turners Books. i spent many hours at the pilot station and I grew up in the Boatman Cottages as well. kind regards and thanks for the Photo Symon James

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