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Victoria Theatre

Victoria Theatre - ABC Newcastle article by Carol Duncan Built in the 1870's, the...

Cathedral Park – Resting in Pieces

No human remains were removed from Cathedral Park, and indeed there were by that time less than 300 headstones remain, most illegible or broken. Other grave markers, being made of timber, had deteriorated years before.

The ‘Pasha Bulker’ Storm – June 2007

Most people in Newcastle and the Hunter were looking forward to a relaxing long weekend, planning a few days off. As we now...

Leading Light or Beacon Towers

Newcastle has its very own castle turret on top of The Hill in the form of the Leading Light Tower or Beacon Tower. It was one of two built to assist captains in bringing their ships safely into the port. The coast around Newcastle is littered with hundreds of shipwrecks and the pair of towers built in 1865/1866 helped to increase the safety of vessels entering the Hunter River.

The Star Hotel

The Star Hotel is best known for the 1979 riot, but the site is a large complex running through from Hunter to King Street and is also one of Newcastle’s earliest large commercial complexes with a built history dating back to the 1850s.

Centenary Antique Centre

Centenary Antique Centre This was the Centenary Antique Centre, situated at 29 Centenary Road, Newcastle. Once a collection...

Civic Park Carpark 1950s

Civic Park was a carpark in the 1950s

Catherine Hill Bay boiler

  Comment from Terrence Owen: "The remains of an early boiler located near the loading point of A & B Pits...

Stockton fish haul 1945

Photo from Lost Newcastle member Donna Dawson

Warners Bay Public School

Warners Bay Public School 1911 photo from Lost Newcastle member Katrina O'Connor

Joy Cummings – Australia’s first female Lord Mayor

From Cummings was Australia’s first female Lord Mayor and the Lord Mayor of Newcastle from...

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