Lost Newcastle

Created by 1233 ABC Newcastle’s Carol Duncan (12 August 2012) the aim of the Lost Newcastle Facebook group is to build a collection of people’s photographs of Newcastle through the generations.

There are numerous photographs available to all of us in various official collections – the University of Newcastle Cultural Collections, Newcastle Museum, our libraries, etc – but there will be even more wonderful images and stories to be gathered from the albums and boxes that families have created over generations. Too often these photos and stories are lost when family members pass on, their stories are forgotten.

The Lost Newcastle Facebook group has already seen thousands of wonderful photos added by members, fabulous stories told and shared, and even friends and family reunited!

Photos can be old or new, but tell the story that goes with them! Identify the location of the photo if you can and PLEASE ATTRIBUTE! We need to know where your photo has come from and as much information as possible: who or what is in the photo, where and when was it taken, is it from your personal collection or from another source.

So, your job is to get happy with the posting of your fabulous photos that tell Newcastle stories! Reminiscences are great and have gathered many comments, but please dig through your photographs and add them whenever you can.

And add your comments to these photos as the stories start to grow.

Any assistance with attribution of photographs would be greatly appreciated as the photos are coming in from everywhere and often the original source is unknown to me.